The TOK course plays a special role in DP as it provides students with the opportunity to reflect on the nature, scope, and limitations of knowledge in different disciplines/areas of knowledge and the process of knowing. In this way, the main objective of TOK is not for students to acquire new knowledge, but to help them reflect on what they already know and put it in perspective. This is an important challenge for both teachers and students, which produces interesting conversations that transcend the boundaries of each discipline, and help students to reflect not only on knowledge but also on their own lives.

The DP Philosophy course provides students with the opportunity to study some of the most important and influential ideas in the world and allows them to develop fundamental skills for life in society: the ability to formulate arguments clearly, make reasoned judgments and critically evaluate highly complex issues. The course stimulates students’ intellectual curiosity by inviting them to examine both their own perspectives and those of others. In this way, they reach a voice of their own and explore the problems in their environment as independent thinkers.

The Psychology course aims to understand human behavior and mental processes, exploring three different perspectives: biological, cognitive and sociocultural. In this way, we comprehensively study different topics, such as psychological disorders (at a higher level), and stress or interpersonal relationships (at a medium level).

Head of area: Marta Almeida


Marta Almeida

Carolina Durán

Josefina Saphores

Rodrigo Abarca

Silvana Pruzzo

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