Musical Arts

The Musical Arts’ fundamental purpose is to bring the students of our school closer to the world of music through different musical artistic expressions, such as: instrumental performance, creativity, singing and corporal expression. This exposure promotes the love for music and encourages values such as respect, personal commitment, solidarity and teamwork.

In addition to regular classes, the school’s music program includes other activities that enhance cognitive, emotional and social development that is worked on at different levels. These are:

  • Suzuki Violin-Early Education Program. (For more information about the Suzuki program see the following article)
  • Suzuki Piano-Early Education Program


Head of area: Susana Rojas


Felipe Aguirre

Carlos Morales

Rodrigo Burgos

Antonio Muñoz

Nataniel Cox

Alfredo Rojas

Javier Chávez

Magdalena Rojas

Mercedes Covarrubias

Susana Rojas

Mónica Díaz

María José Schlack

Orlando Díaz

Matías Schwartz

Ignacio García

Eneima Tinoco

Constanza Henríquez

Sol Tuca

Manuel Orellana

Lilian Vásquez

Andrés Marín

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