Middle Years Program (MYP)
Supported by the evaluation criteria, we promote the use of mathematics as a form of communication and a way of understanding the world around us.

• Knowledge and Comprehension allow the study of mathematical elements and the rules that relate them and under which they operate.
• The Study of Patterns allows the study of the regularities observed in mathematics, promoting conjecture and the ability to deduce properties.
• Mathematical Communication includes both the use of mathematical language and the ability to describe, analyze and argue situations, relationships, propositions and results.
• The Application of Mathematics to situations of daily life allows us to understand how it is possible to use it to solve problems in areas as diverse as the arts, sciences, the behavior of individuals and cooking, among others.

Diploma Program (PD)
In the Diploma Program, the deepening of mathematical study aims to develop knowledge in the discipline as such, as well as to explore applications in real life. At these levels, the understanding and application of mathematics, supported by technology, is favored. The use of graphing calculators is probably one of the main characteristics where the study of regularities, the verification of hypotheses and the use of mathematical modeling is facilitated. At the end of the program, students work on an exploration that allows them to search for mathematics in the most diverse topics of their interest.

Head of area: Ximena Torres Lillo


Juan Antonio Abollado

María de los Ángeles Fernández

Miguel Guerrero

Alberto Godoy

Claudia Herrera

Consuelo Llamazales

Alex Lutsko

Karen Moraga

Daniela Olave

Kezia Pires

Ivonne Torres

Ximena Torres

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