We are aware of the transversal nature of language as a support for knowledge and as a construction tool for doing and knowing how to do in other areas of learning. Therefore, we consider interdisciplinary links and critical thinking as fundamental to help shape the vision of tomorrow’s reality.

Finally, all of the above makes sense when we understand that this department vision is a challenge that invites us to be in permanent change.

Head of area: Enrique Acuña


Enrique Acuña

Isabel Guillén

Rebeca Álamos

Marité Herrera

Francisca Azpiri

Magdalena Ibáñez

Constanza Bravo

Eduardo Jaime

Marcia Briones

Mariana López

Constanza Casselli

Karen Navarro

María Jesús Cortés

Enrique Saldaña

Pablo Corvalán

Maripaz Orellana

Antonia Del Río

Gustavo Ortega

María José García

María Teresa Poblete

Francisca González

Carolina Taré

María Jesús González

Victoria González

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