• Critically analyzing a variety of visual, written, and multimodal texts, asking questions to deepen their understanding.
  • Listening, reading and watching actively; and purposefully speaking, writing, and presenting in a variety of contexts to articulate thoughts as they construct and reconstruct meanings to understand the world around them.
  • Developing critical, creative and personal approaches to study and analyzing literary and non-literary texts.
  • Using and constructing visuals and multimedia in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes and audiences.
  • Interacting with texts corresponding to different historical periods and diverse cultures.
  • Reading, discussing and answering (orally or in writing) different types of texts and genres, reflecting on how conventions and styles create meaning.
  • Speaking, writing and presenting for different purposes and for different audiences.
  • Appling linguistic and literary concepts and skills in a variety of authentic contexts.

Head of area: Sally Thompson


Derrick Allen

Karin Fischer

Pascale Baron

John Mask

Michelle Duggan

Erin Roetker

Claudia Martínez

Macarena Solís

Jennifer Rocha

Sally Thompson

Danai Tello

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