Curriculum planning includes the following disciplinary areas:

  1. Inquiry Unit: Natural Science, Social Science and Technology
  2. Mathematics
  3. Languages: English and Spanish
  4. Visual and Musical Arts
  5. Physical Education and Sports
  6. DPS (Personal and Social Development)
  7. Religion (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or Growing and Sharing)
Lower School Principal

Isabel Martínez

Isabel Martínez Aldazábal is the Principal of the Lower School. Born in Spain, she came to Chile in 1982. She studied Education in English with a Bachelor’s in Linguistics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica, the same place where she later completed the Teaching for Deep Learning diploma.

She entered Santiago College in 1987, where she was an English teacher for seven years. After a time away from the School, she returned in 2009 to assume the role of the Lower School Principal, a position she holds to this day.

The Lower School team is made up of teachers, psychologists, learning specialists, coaches, a curriculum coordinator and tutors.

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