Although in 10th grade students must choose whether or not they will take the full program, all students must take the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) subject, meet the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) requirements and complete the Extended Essay, as well as taking exams for one of the three levels of IB English offered by the school (English A: Literature, English A: Language and Literature or English B).

At the beginning of the second semester in 10th grade, students decide which curriculum they will take during High School, focusing on earning the IB Diploma or preparing for the PSU exams. Regardless of the chosen plan, they must select six IB Diploma subjects within the range of subjects offered by the school. This selection allows each student to create their own study plan based on their interests and abilities.

All High School students, regardless of the program selected, receive seven hours of exclusive preparation for the PSU exams in 11th grade (two hours of PSU Language preparation, two hours PSU Mathematics preparation, three hours PSU Science or History preparation). In 12th grade, an additional hour of preparation in Science or History is added, for a total of 8 preparation hours for the PSU exams.

High School Principal

Ximena Susaeta

Ximena Susaeta Cantín is the High School Principal. Ximena studied Secondary Education in English at the Pontifical Catholic University and did an MBA in Educational Administration at the University of Leicester, England. In 1987 she became part of the SC teacher team after also being a former student.

She assumed the postion of High School Principal in 2006, after having held various positions within the school, such as: English teacher, Student Council Advisor and Diploma Coordinator. She is also represents the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Latin America when required.

The High School team is made up of teachers, the DP academic coordinator,  tutors, learning specialists, psychologists and counselors.

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