Personal and Social Development Program (DPS)

In order to reinforce certain skills necessary for learning, the learning specialists carry out support workshops, as well as interventions with students inside the classroom.

For their part, the psychologists – together with the homeroom teachers – are in charge of the planning and implementation of the Personal and Social Development Program (DPS). Its objective is to contribute to the training of students so that their actions are in line with the mission and vision of Santiago College and the profile of the IB. In addition, the psychologists work together with the Principals, tutors and homeroom teachers to address situations of school well-being.

The university guidance counselor supports the entire application process of students to national and foreign universities.

Since leadership development is one of the important skills that we want to promote in our students, psychologists also support the Leadership Program and actions of the student councils.

Head of Guidance: Mónica Guesalaga


Paula Abogabir

Mary Carmen Atala

Soledad Campos

Carolina Carranza

Francesca Cayazzo

Josefa Cea

María Francisca Danker

Mónica Guesalaga

Leonor Peñafiel

Nicole Piffre

Isabelle Stoddard

Consuelo Sierra

Jacqueline Orchard

Marcela Utjes

Cecilia Udaquiola

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