MYP students face independent subjects, which are connected through interdisciplinary content units and serve as a bridge between the PYP (seen in Infant and Lower) and the Diploma Program (which they will experience in High School). In addition, in their last year (9th grade) they complete their Personal Project, an important milestone to close the MYP cycle, given that students investigate a topic of their interest, generate a work plan and deliver a final product and report.

Additionally, in this stage, the students have two hours of religion a week (chosen by the family), participate in social action activities and have instances of DPS (Personal and Social Development).

Middle School Principal and Assistant Principal

Peter Charles Barnett
Derrick Allen

Peter Charles Barnett Milward is the Middle School Principal and the Assistant Principal is Derrick Allen.

Peter Barnett went to school in both Chile and Peru. He completed his higher education at Stanford University (USA), where he obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Biology. He then studied Education in Mathematics at Chapman College (USA). He has a postgraduate degree in International School Leadership from the Principal’s Training Center and received the title of Professor of Biology from the Universidad de Los Andes. In addition, he is an examiner for the International Baccalaureate in the subject of Environmental Systems and Societies.

He entered Santiago College in 2006 as Principal of the Upper School. In 2019, after an internal restructuring in which the School was divided into four Schools, he became Principal of Middle School.

Derrick Allen joined the Middle School team in 2019 in the newly created position of Assistant Principal. He is a graduate of the University of Idaho, USA, completing his teacher training internship at Santiago College in 1999. After graduating with the title of English and Spanish teacher, SC hired him to work in the English Department for the next three years. Later, he and his family moved between schools in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile until recently rejoining SC. Derrick has a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Leicester, UK, and has held school leadership positions since 2003.

The Middle School team is made up of the MYP academic coordinator, teachers, psychologists, learning specialists and tutors.

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