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Inter-Religious Unit

In order to know different religious experiences and encourage respect for diversity, the Department of Religion organized an inter-religious unit that began with a cycle of talks about Judaism, Christianism, Islam and the Baha’i Faith, where the Rabi Daniel Zang, the Anglican Pastor Cristián Concha and Mr. Tiago Masrour of Baha’i Faith accompanied and taught the children about each belief.

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IB Drama

An interesting performance could be watched last Saturday at the presentation of the 12-grade IB drama courses led by teachers Violeta Villa and Javier Chávez.

The students showed the result of their collective creations during the course of theatrical art that is a part of the Diploma Programme, so the entire stage material shown was the result of the work executed by the students based on the investigation of a piece of news selected by them.

It was an excellent presentation that reflected much effort, devotion and enthusiasm by students.

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ABS debate encounter

Last Friday, our school was the venue for the ABS debate tournament that took place in the library. For this event students from different schools member of the Association of British Schools met in groups in order to defend an idea.

This activity is very beneficial for the participating students, as it teaches them to argue in favor of a position against any issue, evidencing informed and instructed people who are respectful for other opinions. These characteristics are key to live in a pacific society capable of solving conflicts through dialogue.

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Miss Lorna Participated in the Howard Gardner Seminar

During Tuesday August 21, the Headmistress of our school Miss Lorna Prado Scott participated in the Howard Gardner Seminar that took place in the W Hotel, where the US psychologist and professor approached the subject of his recent book: Changing Minds.

Miss Lorna had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Howard Gardner and his wife Ellen Winner at a lunch attended also by Sebastián Marambio, member of the Higher Governing Board of the Santiago College Educational Foundation. Professor Gardner has devoted a large part of his life to research and is acknowledged for his theory of multiple intelligences.

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Lyrics Recital: “Between Roses and Vines”

An acknowledgment of the literary works by the great Chilean poets Nicanor Parra and Vicente Huidobro took place last Friday in the traditional “Profesora Sylvia Soto” lyrics recital, where teachers and students of the school took part reciting verses of important poets.

A great instance for the students to acquire a better knowledge of poetry, which has an important cultural heritage in our country!

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Gareth Pugh Music Day

Getting together to share music, learn about different music styles and cultures in the world and interact with students from other ABS schools is the goal of Gareth Pugh Music Day that was held yesterday at the Wenlock school with third-grade students.

This time the subject was “Building Bridges” and invited children to accept differences and recognize the influence from different cultures present in our country. For this purpose, students worked around typical songs, such as, “Funiculi Funicula” from Italy, “Alma Llanera” from Venezuela, “Barrilito de Cerveza” from Germany, and finally the song “We Are Unity” that represents the main idea of this Gareth Pugh event.

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Painting the north in colors

A group of twelfth-grade students made an interesting artistic-cultural outing and visited the city of Antofagasta accompanied by the teacher Sol Tuca. There they worked in groups of students with other schools using different materials and techniques to develop the concept of “Life Desert.”

This Creative Encounter of Art was organized by The Antofagasta British School and had the participation of eleven ABS schools, which among other included Redland, Dunalastair, Bradford, St. John’s, The Grange, Mayflower, and Wenlock, with a total of 42 students.

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Last Supper and First Communion

In the afternoon of Wednesday August 8th, the students of Catholic religion celebrated Last Supper, were they remembered the last meeting Jesus had with His disciples to share bread and wine before dying.

The celebration was led by Father Marcelo Isaule and Dean José Luis Galilea, as well as by our Headmistress Miss Lorna Prado Scott, the Principal of Lower School Miss Isabel Martínez, and the Methodist Chaplain of the School, Pastor Óscar Espinoza.