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User Rating: 0 / 5

A Learning Day at Santuario de la Naturaleza

This week fifth-graders enjoyed an interesting academic outing to Santuario de la Naturaleza. The students learned about the typical flora and fauna of the Andean pre-Cordillera in Santiago and learnt more about them through the physical contact experienced on the field. Likewise, they could connect the Water Unit with the Arrayan brook that flows through that place.

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How can you buy photographs of the school activities?

We hereby inform the school community that the photographs of the various events held in the school will cease to be available in the shop located in Pueblo del Inglés.

If you wish to buy any picture, you will have to get in touch with our photographer Anita Didier, whose data are available at the bottom of this webpage (, and coordinate a meeting to look through the photographic material of the different school events.

Thank you!

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Happy Women’s Day!

The Library of our school celebrated today the International Women’s Day as an acknowledgement, through literature, to those women who have been outstanding in the world history and those who have opened their way in our country: Violeta Parra, Gabriela Mistral, Michelle Bachelet, Daniela Vega, were some of the acknowledged Chileans, together with some books referred to milestones in the fight for equality of women’s rights.

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First "get-together" of the year

The first teachers’ get-together of the year took place today permitting them to exchange knowledge and experiences about the work with the students. This is an instance to share breakfast and coffee and give way to a good conversation with work peers.

The invitation is for all Wednesdays at 9.40 a.m. (first break) in the different teachers’ rooms of the school.

Don’t miss it!

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First day at SC

Mixed feelings were shown today during the first day of classes for our students. For many of them, it was a very joyful morning, because they met with their classmates again after the long summer holidays; but for others, it was a very tense and anxious day, as it sometimes is for those who begin a new school phase.

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Motivating talk on the beauty of teaching moved our teachers

Just before starting a new school year, our teachers received an inspiriting talk about education. The literature teacher, communicator, TV conductor and Chilean poet, Cristian Warken, emphasized the wonders of pedagogy based on the book entitled La Pasión de Enseñar (The Teaching Passion) that shows the pedagogical thinking of the Nobel Laureate Gabriela Mistral.