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Infant School Drama

Infant School teachers excelled today in the assembly they prepared for the children from their school, where they acted different children’s stories.

Pre-kinder and Kinder misses presented the song Baby Shark and the book Handa´s Surprise; while those of first and second grade represented The Day the Crayons Quit and different stories by Mo Willems. 

It was a very entertaining morning, where the children enjoyed seeing their teachers act and their classmates in costumes representing different literary characters.

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Literary characters paraded through the school

The traditional Parade took place today, with Infant and Lower School children wearing costumes and strolling around the different places of the school to finish in the Rose Garden. This traditional activity of the Book Week puts an end to a week full of literary events. 

If you wish to see the photographs of the children, remember to enter the gallery with your username and password.

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Students of Economics visited the company Totto

With the intention to understand the concepts of macro- and micro-economy and their application in real life, a group of 12th-grade students in the higher level of Economics visited the Colombian company Totto, who manufacture canvas bags, suitcases and briefcases. 

The students had the chance to know the history of this company in detail, understand the impact on society of the economic interaction amongst individuals, and learn about the problems faced by nations when they undergo changes, among other aspects included in Economy and the creation of a company. 

It was a very interesting visit, where students became more aware of their responsibility in society as citizens in an increasingly more interrelated world.







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Always take care!

Within the framework of the current Investigation Unit “Who We Are”, first-graders participated in a very important workshop. 

During the whole morning, a group of specialists from Clínica Alemana shared relevant information about how to take care of our body and make decisions to avoid situations that may endanger our health.  Through videos, practical experience and specific resources, the students were able to go more deeply into their lessons and understand the importance of some vital organs and our responsibility in taking care of them.

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The Sound of Music marked the start of the Book Week at SC

The Book Week started at SC by going back to World War II times with the classic musical “The Sound of Music” represented by the teachers of the Language and Communication Department of our school.

This week will begin with the celebration of the International Book Day, remembering the death of the great world literary writers: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, and will continue with a number of activities intended to attract the students to the literary genre.

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Pin Ceremony: Colors that have painted the SC history

As every year, 5th-graders, the eldest students in Lower School, receive their pins identifying them as the seniors in their school and committing them to be a behavior example for younger students.

This ceremony has become a tradition in Santiago College. Here presidents and vice-presidents of each course receive the pins that must later be distributed amongst their classmates.

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New businessmen arise from the Economics Fair of 12th-graders

All kinds of products for a good breakfast –if you did not have it at home- are sold at the Economics Fair organized by 12th graders that will be open until this Friday 13 during breaks.

Yoghurt with fruit and granola, bread and avocado, natural juices, waffles, ham-and-cheese sandwiches, large cereal cookies and many other things may be found in this activity that seeks to encourage a business spirit in students.

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SC students got first places in English competitions

We have received great news in the last days showing the good English command of our students, which reflects the importance of this subject in SC educational project.

Hence, the 11th-grade student Catalina Toledo was distinguished by the Harvard Club of Chile with the Harvard Book Prize Award, an acknowledgment granted by a group of alumni from said institution to 11th- and 12th-grade students who stand out in reading. The establishments that took part in this contest were: The Grange School, Nido de Águilas, Ayelén School from Rancagua and Santiago College, with the latter winning the first place.