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Children of Catholic religion received their Bible

The third grade students of Catholic religion had a beautiful celebration, this past Wednesday, May 9th.  Together with their parents and relatives, the children received their Bible, a symbol that marks the beginning of the preparation for First Communion.

The celebration was led by Father Rodrigo Dominguez W., Vicar of the cordillera area and priest of Mary Mother of Mercy church, who invited the children to read and imbibe the Word of Christ, to go and meet a God who was made Word.


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Happy Students Day SC!!

With lots of energy, we lived the celebration of Students Day today in our school.  A mix of music, dance, costumes, imitations and a lot of humor was the tenor of the different assemblies, where the teachers acted like their students reproducing different attitudes of the day to day

A recreational day, where the Santiago College educators strived to entertain and make the students laugh on their day.

Very happy day SC students!!


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Memories of the Mapuche rustic stove

11th and 12th grade students of the Language and Literature subject visited an interesting exhibition about the culinary experience of the Mapuche woman, Carmen Caripan Catricura, who went from cooking her recipes at the rustic stove in her hut in Traitraico, to an urban stove in Santiago.

The exhibition, which was titled Kütral ñi tukulpan, was held at the GAM cultural center on May 3rd, and it was focused on connecting viewers with the Mapuche culture, through aspects as characteristic as gastronomy, with their own ingredients from the places of origin.


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Women and TICs

In order to increase technological vocations amongst young women, the Technovation Chile NGO organized an event addressed to girls from 8th to 12th grade seeking to deliver tools that will enhance creativity and abilities in terms of programming and technological development.

This activity took place last week in Universidad del Desarrollo and consisted in several workshops related to TICs, such as programming, robotics, 3D printing, and laser cutting, among other.

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Young Authors for One Day

Lower School students who took part in the Young Authors Event today in our school spent one morning as book writers.

During the activity the children gathered in groups with students from Bradford and Wenlock schools for the purpose to jointly create a story based on a book, about which they had previously worked, and then tell it to the other participants, everything in English, of course.

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Chilean Agent in The Hague gave a talk to sixth-grade students about the Chilean-Bolivian conflict

A privileged master lecture was given to sixth-grade students last week by Claudio Grossman, lawyer, jurist, academic and Chilean agent in The Hague.  This lawyer came to the school to explain to our students about the Bolivian claim filed against Chile before the International Court of Justice.  The subject created great interest due to its relevance and close date to the first round of pleas last March.

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The Book Fair

One of the most important activities organized by the Library during the Book Week is the Book Fair, where you can find a great variety of copies, whether in English or Spanish, of different children’s editorials.

This was a great instance to encourage reading and literature in our students.

We invite you to see some pictures of the students who visited the Fair this year.

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The Wax Museum

We invite you to see the pictures of the Wax Museum organized by eleventh- and twelfth-graders during the Book Week. 

To see the photographic gallery, please enter your username and password.