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Summer Opening Time – Hookipa Store

During the summer the Hookipa shop inside the school premises -where you can purchase the school uniform- will be opened at the following times:

  • January 2- February 10, 2019:   Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm and   from 2.30 to 5 pm.
  • February 11 – March 8, 2019:     Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm    (uninterrupted)

*For more information, please visit the “School Uniform Store” section at the bottom of this web page.

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Eighth-Grade Graduation

Our eighth-graders enjoyed a lovely graduation ceremony to say good-bye to a significant school cycle, where they ceased to be children to become teen-agers.  Next year they will begin a new phase with challenges, experiences and many new things to learn.

Congratulations to all!

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Marco Antonio Cuevas: Well-known national pianist dazzled the audience with the concert given at Santiago College

An exceptional presentation full of professionalism, talent and – over all – passion for music was appreciated during the piano concert of the young Chilean musician Marco Antonio Cuevas Riffo, which took place last Monday in the auditorium.

The national artist, native from the city of Temuco, has studied with famous internationally acknowledged pianists, among other, Ximena Cabello Volosky, teacher of the Music School at Universidad Austral de Chile; Harold Martina, from Texas Christian University, United States; and the well-known Spanish pianist, Joaquín Achúcarro, with whom he completed his Performer’s Diploma Program in the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, United States of America.

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Football, swimming, robotics, Lego, crafts, science experiments, mountain outings, games with water and many other, will be the activities offered by the SUMMER SCHOOL at Santiago College, beginning December 17. Last vacancies available‼ Don’t miss it...

Open to all community: SC students and also students from other schools.

 *For more information click on the following link


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SC Traditions

Seniors’ ceremonies at Santiago College are part of a tradition dating from more than a century and marking the end of a phase and the beginning of another. Consequently, when ending the last school year, all twelfth-graders are distinguished with a number of emblems and ceremonies, beginning with the Tie Ceremony, and ending this phase of celebrations with the Commencement and the Senior Ball.

Below, you will find the photographs of the ceremonies that had not been published yet.

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“This cycle of life that so often begins/ends … today has ended a phase, but beautiful times will now begin.” With this phrase Rabbi Gustavo Kelmeszes ended his speech to the Seniors at the recent religious ceremony called Last Chapel. This is why today, more than ending a phase, new times begin. Thus, name of this ceremony is “Commencement”, as rather than a farewell, this is the starting point of new challenges for our students.

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The Exhibition

Last week 5th-graders held their Exhibition, a very significant activity for students, where they have the opportunity to summarize their lessons learned during the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) and share them with the school community through different creations. This activity also helps them exercise abilities, knowledge and understanding of the subject they are investigating.

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Last Chapel

Last Chapel is the last religious ceremony attended by seniors at school.  This activity dates from the time when Miss Swaney was headmistress of Santiago College (1922-1932) and is one of the most significant traditions for 12th-graders, as it involves deep values and a great spiritual feeling and includes the three religions imparted at the school:  Catholic, Jewish and Protestant.