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Delivery of the Siddur

The Siddur is the book that permits us to relate with God from a liturgical perspective. This is the prayer book that helps us pray in community and individually, both in our daily lives and in special ceremonies.

Within this context, 5th-grade Jewish students received their Siddur last Thursday August 17 in the Synagogue of the Santiago Israeli Circle.

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A Caring Friday in SC

Solidarity Day was celebrated last Friday in our school. This time it was focused on Migration, a reality that has gained importance in our country in the last years.  

For this occasion the school invited the Jesuit service for immigrants “Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes”. This entity helps immigrants to join the Chilean community through social, legal, labor and other service programs. This time, members of this organization told SC students about the tough reality of those people who arrive in a foreign country. This is why we have to encourage tolerance and sensibility amongst Chileans in order to become a welcoming nation.  

Thanks to all of you for your cooperation!

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Last Supper and First Communion

Last Wednesday August 16th, 82 fourth-grade children, who attend the Catholic Religion course, together with their parents celebrated one of the loveliest and most profound liturgies: The Last Supper, which remembers the origin of the Christian Passover around bread and wine.

Subsequently, on Saturday August 19, the children received their first Communion at the Church María Madre Misericordia in Lo Barnechea, accompanied by their families and friends. This liturgy was celebrated by Father Rodrigo Dominguez, vicar of the East Zone in Santiago, and was followed with much fervor by the children who made a significant step in their Christian lives.

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Account by an Immigrant from Syria

During the Cultural Friday last week, the Syrian immigrant Muhammad came to tell us about his experience and the tough experience Syrians go through when they have to leave their country for reasons beyond their control.

His simplicity and sincerity moved those present at the talk and made them value the peace we enjoy in our country. “Chileans should be grateful, every day, for being in this country. When my children see a helicopter they feel much fear, because there in Syria a helicopter is synonym of death,” he stated.

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Cultural Friday: First-hand Account about Migration

We invite you all to participate in the Cultural Friday organized by the departments of Spanish and Religion that will take place tomorrow August 25 at 4pm in the School Library, where the main subject will be “migration”.

This time our guest will be the social assistant and leader of the program for helping refugees in Fasic Fundation, Isabel San Martín, and two refugees from Syria, who will come to tell us about their experience.

Do not miss it!

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Solidarity Day → Friday August 25

This Friday August 25 our school will be celebrating the Day of Solidarity aimed at supporting Fundación Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes (Jesuit Service to Migrants Foundation) that helps people who arrived in a vulnerable situation to Chile.

To collaborate with this cause, a Jeans Day will take place, so 1st to 12th grade students are invited to make a monetary contribution, while pre-kinder and kinder students will collaborate with nappies (M-G-XG).

On this day we will have a simple lunch and more emphasis will be placed on keeping classrooms clean and tidy, so as to help the auxiliary staff with their job.

We invite you all to collaborate, as all contributions will be welcome!

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Tripartite Conferences

During today Wednesday and tomorrow Thursday, the Tripartite Conferences (StudentLedConferences) will be held in the school, for the purpose of first to twelfth grade students to tell their parents about their achievements and reflect about the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of this year.  Additionally they will disclose their plan for a successful end of the 2017 academic year.

For greater information, we invite you to check the circular notice located in the section of Important Documents in our web page.

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Gareth Pugh Music Day dedicated to Violeta Parra

During the Gareth Pugh Music Day that took place last Friday in our school, a day about music was shared by our Lower School students with other establishments that are members of the Association of British Schools (ABS). This time, a tribute was made to Violeta Parra on occasion of the 100th anniversary of her death on October 4th.