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Violeta Parra was the main figure in the Lyrics Recital

The traditional Lyrics Recital Professor Silvia Soto, organized by the Spanish Department of our School took place in celebration of the hundredth birth anniversary of the Chilean singer-writer Violeta Parra, who would become 100 years old in October.

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Spring Concert

Two Suzuki piano concerts were presented on Saturday September 9 in the School Auditorium under the organization of teachers Aoise O´Dwyer and Eneima Tinoco.

The interpreters were students from 1st to 9th grade who take part in the Suzuki piano program.  They played classical and popular pieces, as well as their own compositions created during the piano lessons. 

If you wish to see the photographic record, remember to enter with your username and password.

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Open House in Infant School

We invite you to see the pictures made of the first and second-grade Open Houses that took place during this week.

Remember to enter the gallery with your username and password.

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ABS Hockey and Rugby Finals

Our School went through two intensive sports days last weekend with the final of the ABS Hockey and Rugby championship that took place in our sport facilities on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of September.

This time Santiago College reached varied results. In hockey we were first in the senior category and second in the 8th grade category. In rugby, in turn, we got the third place in the senior category, but we could not stand out in the remaining levels. However, the enthusiasm of our sport students, who showed their best efforts on the fields, was evidenced in all teams representing the SC in this tournament. The event was also a great instance to share with students from other schools and spend a sport afternoon with the family.

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A trip to the past through the future

Mixing technology with history in the contents taught in classroom was something not even thought of a decade ago. However, today students study the main historic milestones of our country by programming games in different applications.

In this regard, 5th-grade children shared their knowledge about political, economic and cultural organizations of the Colony times by creating a drama play, which then they transformed into a video using the Toonastic application. All this within the framework of the investigation unit “How we organize ourselves”.

A creative activity to learn contents combining the past with the future.

If you want to see the videos made by the children, press here.

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Scratch: Getting deeper into Digital Programming

For the purposes of helping our students to be updated in the new programming tendencies and have the necessary tools to easily work in this area, our school invited the main Scratch speaker, Andrew Sliwinski, who was temporarily in Santiago within the framework of the Scratch Conference 2017 that took place from August 31 to September 1 in the South of Chile.

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Drama IB

During the afternoon of Saturday August 26, the IB play was shown, putting an end to a long work executed by 12th-grade students throughout the year.

The show consisted on presenting the collective creations of the 12th-grade IB Drama class and was the end of the Drama activity included in the Diploma program.  Additionally, all stage materials were also the result of a work executed by the students themselves based on the investigation of a piece of news they had selected.