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MYP Community Project→Recycling

As part of the MYP Community Project, 6th graders have been working on the topic of RECYCLING.  Each class had to offer a service which helped the community improve their Environmental Awareness and/or improve our Recycling System at Santiago College.

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Workshop on social emotional abilities for infant school teachers

AMAR-E is a program that has been implemented since 2015 in the school and seeks to train teachers in the development of competences favoring the social-emotional learning process of students.  Within this framework, a workshop was organized with the psychologist Felipe Lecannelier, which was attended by 19 SC teachers, psychologists and educational psychologists of the Department of Guidance and Counseling and the Principal of the Infant School.

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La Fetra Farewell Cup

The Ira la Fetra Farewell Cup is the first official farewell party for our seniors, consisting of a friendly competition where 12th-grade students compete in different sports against SC students in ninth, tenth and eleventh grade.

We invite you to see the 2017 photographs of this tradition.

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Only 3 days to go for the “Violeta Parra” musical!

The countdown for the premiere of Violeta Parra musical has begun. This show has been prepared with great dedication by the Department of Art of our school. You are all invited to enjoy it.

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Ecological Project in Bosque Santiago

In order to teach other children about the importance of taking care of nature, 9th-B and 9th-E students of Santiago College, together with students from the school San Carlos de Quilicura, are executing an Ecological Project in the natural reserve “Bosque Santiago”. During the visit, the SC students taught younger children about the cycle of water, the importance of recycling, alternative energies and other subjects related to the ecosystems.

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Sukkot: The Feast of Tabernacles

Second- and third-grade Jewish religion students, together with their teacher Ruth Libfrand, celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot, within the Israeli Community of Santiago. In this activity, usually a Sukkah (cabin) is used to remember the way in which the Israelis lived in the desert after their exodus from Egypt.

The students were received by Rabbi Gustavo Kelmeszes, who further explained about this festivity that is one of the most important feasts in Judaism.

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SC Students’ Outstanding Participation in ESU Poetry Competition

The English Poetry Competition organized by the English Speaking Union (ESU) took place during the first week in October at Saint George’s College with the participation of Third- to Eighth-grade students of Santiago College. ESU is a non-governmental organization of British origin that promotes the development of the English language in students, teachers and professionals in all areas for the purposes of encouraging global understanding and sustainable development.

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Coming Soon! Violeta Parra’s Musical Debut

After months of lots of work by students and teachers, finally the Violeta Parra Musical will be presented to the public for the first time. The Department of Arts of the school has been preparing this show that will commemorate anniversary number 100 of the birth date of the Chilean singer writer.

The invitation is for Thursday October 19 at 7pm at the School auditorium.

You are all invited!