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10 de noviembre→ Feria de las Pulgas en ayuda a la Teletón

In order to raise funds and help Teletón, this Friday November 10th at 9:40 am, the traditional flee market of the Lower School will take place in the Patio de los Naranjos. 

We invite you to participate by purchasing products and also bringing items to sell, such as decoration articles, kitchen tools, toiletries (creams, cosmetics, bath salts), CDs (music), DVDs (films, games), books, toys, clothes, etc. Everything must be in very good condition.

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Catholic Youth Confirmed their Faith in Christ and the Church

Last Saturday November 4th, at the María Madre de Misericordia Church, 29 eleventh- graders received the Sacrament of Confirmation accompanied by their godparents, family and friends.

The ceremony was presided over by the Vicar for Education of the Cordillera Zone, Father Rodrigo Domínguez, who invited the youth to be protagonists of their faith in their daily lives.

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Genius Hour: Students gave life to their passions

Last Friday November 3, 5th-grade students exhibited the projects developed during the Genius Hour, a space where students once per week during the first term take part in the creation of a Project about something that really moves them and later share their creative process and final product with their parents and teachers.

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Travelling through books with your imagination

In order to encourage students to read on their own initiative, 10th-grade students conducted a novel activity during Spanish class.  They chose a book and after reading it, they had to invent some creative way to motivate others to read it.

Below we will share the work by the student Macarena Hepp, who prepared a video on the classic epic novel “Adiós al Séptimo de Línea” written by the Chilean writer Jorge Inostrosa, which tells stories of spies, romance, big battles and ordinary people doing great deeds for their country during the Pacific War.

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Ms. Lorna has been designated Chair of the Board of Trustees at CIS

We are very proud to inform that the Headmistress of our school, Miss Lorna Prado Scott, has been appointed Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Council of International Schools (CIS), based in Leiden, Netherlands. This institution is a non-profit organization aimed at improving and extolling international education through professional services, encouraging academic excellence and educational progress in students of associated schools.

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Personal Project

The Personal Project is an extensive research work executed by 10th-graders throughout the school year in order to finish the Middle Years Program (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate.

This Project reflects various abilities acquired by students, such as creativity, initiative, information handling, and capacity to solve problems, which are shown in each exhibited work.

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Delivery of Donations to the Jesuits Service for Migrants

This morning, the presidents of MS and US/HS student councils delivered the funds collected during the solidarity day held in August in our school to the Jesuits Service to Migrants (SJM), an institution that helps foreigners who have arrived in Chile in a vulnerable situation.

We thank all of those who have collaborated in this campaign and hope that our contribution will be helpful for these people.

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Master Lecture: Satellites and their Benefits for Life on Earth

An interesting class about space technology was attended by third graders last Tuesday. The electronic engineer and general manager of the Swedish Space Corporation in Chile, Sonia Castellanos, explained to the children about the operation of artificial satellites and the benefits they provide to us human beings, such as, Internet, weather reports, hurricane prediction, GPS, among other.