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MS and US Acknowledgements

We invite you to see the photographs of the Middle and Upper School prize-giving ceremonies that took place last week.

Remember that if you want to enter the photographic gallery, log in with your username and password.

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A Varied Music Repertory at the IB Concert

Within the framework of the Music subject, the IB concert is the final evaluation of the program where 12th-grade students show to the community their achievements in the command of the music language in different music styles.

A varied repertory of execution techniques was shown during the concert, both by soloists and bands, who intended to develop a link between the study of music as a personal artistic expression process and the current society, its historic cultural development and its permanent evolution over time.

We invite you to see the pictures of this year recital.

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Let’s Plant the Planet: Reforestation day for the entire family

An entertaining outdoor activity will take place on Saturday November 25th in the municipality of Barnechea aimed at contributing with the care for nature.

Let’s Plant the Planet is the name of the environmental operation seeking to incentivize the protection of the ecosystem in order to prevent the consequences of the climatic change.  For this purpose, a reforestation day will be organized as well as a number of dynamics related to the environmental issue, so as to create awareness and culture about this subject that is increasingly present in our daily lives.

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Third-Graders’ “Trip” to the Space

Third-grade students had a great learning experience on Friday afternoon. The astronomer Eduardo Bendeck, who works in the Ames Investigation Center of NASA, came to tell the students about the recent breakthroughs in aeronautics and space.

During the talk children could see photographs of Mars and Pluto and the conducted investigations. Additionally, Mr. Bendeck showed images of the telescopes they use and the instruments they send to space to make the best pictures of our solar system.

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Give Joy away this Christmas

Let’s be compassionate this Christmas and help vulnerable children receive presents on this date.  We invite you to encourage your children to donate one of their toys in order to give joy to other children from different municipalities of Santiago. 

The collected toys will be given to the following playgrounds visited by students of our school: Mundo Maravilloso, Las Pequitas, Santa Rosa, Tierra de Niños and Faraleufú. The final term to contribute donations is Friday December 1st.

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Senior’s water battle: A necessary relax

The traditional good-bye activities started today with the classical water battle. This healthy distraction takes place outdoors, as a break in the middle of the students’ intense studies for the PSU. The battle ends in the school swimming-pool, followed by nice hot-dogs and ice-cream.

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IB Music Recital

We invite everybody to the IB Music Recital next Monday November 20 at 7 pm in the school auditorium. This time 12th-grade students will show to the community their artistic, theoretical and instrumental work derived from two years of intense study.  

You cannot miss it!!

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Protestant Tour to Valparaíso

8th-grade students of the protestant religion went on a tour to Valparaíso to know and reflect about the beginning of Protestantism in Chile.

The students visited the Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian and Anglican churches and learned more about the importance that this branch of Christianity had on people and on the development of society during the 19th century.