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User Rating: 0 / 5

Influenza Vaccination Form

Dear Parents,

Yesterday (Wednesday, April 8) in a mail addressed to the whole community, our Head of School indicated that we would be sending a registration form for the influenza vaccine. We remind you that we need ALL parents to fill out this form, regardless of whether you intend to vaccinate your children that attend Santiago College or not.

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Contribution to Teletón 2020

In the most complex moments of life it is precisely when giving oneself to others reveals the spirit of greatness. The Santiago College Community once again demonstrates its enormous solidarity towards the 2020 Teletón, which will be held on April 3 and 4 in a virtual way, with a generous donation similar to previous years.

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Making the Distance Shorter in Community

Dear Santiago College Community:

As we enter the third week since Santiago College has been closed, and anticipating a more complex time is coming with the official start of the quarantine, we would like to open a space to share with you questions, reflections and ideas on how to continue facing this period in the best possible way. To this end, we will be sharing messages and activities in the following weeks.

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Coronavirus Information 2

Dear Parents and Guardians

I have been informed by a new family from our school that their son, who is enrolled in Playgroup but who never attended this year 2020, yesterday tested positive for the coronavirus.
This child has a sister in first grade who did attend school until Monday, March 9 and then did not return. The first grade to which this student belongs will be informed in another email.
Our Playgroup student is recovering without problems and the rest of the family today has no symptoms.

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Coronavirus Information

Dear Parents and Guardians
It is my pleasure to greet you again.

As I have stated in my previous messages, we are committed to keeping the whole Santiago College Community informed in an honest and transparent manner whenever we receive relevant information. It is also very important to remind you that, in order to take care of everyone in our Community, we depend on this relationship as active members, where we count on each of you contacting us and letting us know whenever a member of your family has tested positive to coronavirus.