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The Exhibition

Last week 5th-graders held their Exhibition, a very significant activity for students, where they have the opportunity to summarize their lessons learned during the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) and share them with the school community through different creations. This activity also helps them exercise abilities, knowledge and understanding of the subject they are investigating.

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Ring & Medal Ceremony

A tradition that is passed from one generation to the next one is Ring and Medal. In this ceremony seniors receive the Santiago College emblems from their parents or grandparents who also studied in this school in the past.  These symbols will distinguish them wherever they go as members of the SC community.

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Last Chapel

Last Chapel is the last religious ceremony attended by seniors at school.  This activity dates from the time when Miss Swaney was headmistress of Santiago College (1922-1932) and is one of the most significant traditions for 12th-graders, as it involves deep values and a great spiritual feeling and includes the three religions imparted at the school:  Catholic, Jewish and Protestant.

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Senior Awards

Senior students were highlighted according to their performance in different subjects.

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Renewal Baptismal Promises

You can already check the pictures of the baptismal promises of the Catholic children from third grade. Directed by Father Rodrigo Dominguez, the students began the preparation for the sacrament of the First Communion.

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Christmas Gifts Campaign

Dear parents and guardians


It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we announce the beginning of our yearly campaign to collect used toys in good condition.

This school-wide campaign including PK to 11th grade will take place from Tuesday, November 19th until Tuesday, December 3rd.

We ask you as parents to talk with your child about the reality of many children their age who may not receive a present for Christmas. We would like you to encourage your child to donate toys for these needy children remembering that “by giving you receive”.

The toys will be distributed in the following institutions:

Jardín Mundo Maravilloso – visited by 4th grade A and B students
Jardín Las Pequitas – visited by 4th grade C and D students
Jardín Santa Rosa de Lo Barnechea – visited by 4th and 5th E students
Jardín Tierra de Niños – visited by 5th grade A and B students
Jardín Faraleufu – visited by 5th grade C and D students

In order to complete a successful campaign, please ask and help your child to place each toy or stuffed animal in separate transparent plastic bags making sure that the gift is in its best condition.

We once again thank you for all your cooperation and contribution in the different campaigns that the school undertakes yearly.



Community and Service
Santiago College.

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Confirmation Sacrament

Last Saturday November 16 at the María Madre de Misericordia Parish Church, our Catholic students of 11th Grade received the Confirmation Sacrament from the Monsignor Rodrigo Roncagliolo.


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