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Ring & Medal Ceremony

A tradition that is passed from one generation to the next one is Ring and Medal. In this ceremony seniors receive the Santiago College emblems from their parents or grandparents who also studied in this school in the past.  These symbols will distinguish them wherever they go as members of the SC community.

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IB Concert

We invite you to see the photographs of the IB Concert.  This is the final evaluation of the course of music, where 12th-grade students show to the community their achievements in the command of the music language in different styles.

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Project UK

Some of the main objectives of the Project UK are to improve the English language, learn about the British culture and acquire a great experience by travelling with classmates or school friends.

This trip is organized every other year at the School.  It is aimed at students in 8th to 11th grade, who take up a language immersion program for three weeks in a British boarding school.

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Do join this campaign so that no child is left without a present this Christmas.  Bring a toy in good state that will be given to the children of the vulnerable kindergartens supported by our School during the year: Mundo Maravilloso, Las Pequitas, Santa Rosa de Lo Barnechea, Tierra de Niños and Furaleufú.

Deadline for delivery ---> Wednesday December 5 

Toys should be brought in transparent plastic bags. We request parents to help children wash and clean the toys so as to have an optimal presentation. Children can add a message or card if they wish to do so.

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The Seniors’ Water War

We invite you to see the pictures of the seniors’ water war. This is a traditional activity in the School that has found its place as a relaxing and entertaining time for 12th grade students in the middle of their intense days of tests, farewells and end-of-school celebrations. 

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23 Catholic Youngsters confirmed their Faith in Christ

Last Saturday November 17 at the María Madre de Misericordia Parish Church, 23 Catholic youngsters of 11th Grade received the Confirmation Sacrament from the Episcopal Vicar for the Cordillera Zone, Father Rodrigo Domínguez W.

Such an intimate moment that marks and seals their commitment as witnesses of the faith in Christ was accompanied by our Headmistress Miss Lorna Prado Scott, the High School Principal Ximena Susaeta, as well as families and friends.

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2nd Grade Open House: The Human Beings and their Impact on the Environment

A very hard work on investigation, organization, self-management and planning is carried out in preparing each Open House, where students develop different abilities in collaboration with their classmates.

Last October 30, second-grade children showed to their parents the work they had performed during the Inquiry Unit, which was focused on animals and their habitats.  The emphasis was centered on how human beings affect the environment and what we do to preserve it.

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"Breakfast Team"

Every Friday at 5:40 a.m., a group of 13 Santiago College students goes to the Central Healthcare Service (Posta Central) –specifically on the corner of Curicó and Portugal streets- to give breakfast to homeless people.

The “Breakfast Team”, as they called themselves, is led by the seniors Carmen Weschler, Catalina Abarzúa and Pablo López, who for the last five years have been in charge of encouraging others and have formed a group of more than 30 students from 9th to 12th grade, who take turns to give a moment of joy to these people living in extreme poverty.