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SC Students took part in Technovation Challenge

In order to learn and develop abilities in the area of technology, seven students of our school took part in the Technovation Challenge program organized by Iridescent, a non-profit foundation that every year invites 10 to 18 year-old girls from all over the world to develop mobile applications that help solve problems in local and regional communities.

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Celebrating the 4th of July at School

Yesterday started with an American-style breakfast at the Santiago College to celebrate the independence of the United States, with US teachers participating as special guests.

Thereafter, the traditional assemblies of the 4th of July started by singing the national hymn The Star-Spangled Banner.  Wearing typical costumes, the students danced to US country music and made different presentations to show part of the North-American culture to the rest of the school.

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An In-Depth View of our Roots

8th-grade students enjoyed an interesting social sciences field trip, which permitted them to enhance their knowledge about how the Conquest started in our country.

The visit included places, such as the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, the Santiago Cathedral and the main city square (Plaza de Armas), where the students could understand how the arrival of Europeans to America affected in terms of cultural conflict, considering aspects such as intensity of cultural differences and magnitude of the American natural scenario.

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4th-Grade Reflection about Values

Last Tuesday June 26, the entire 4th-grade level met to reflect and share. On the one hand, the group of Catholic religion students received their First Confession and prepared to receive the Holy Communion sacrament. Meanwhile, Jewish and Protestant students and those attending the Growing & Sharing course worked on the values of respect, honesty and tolerance through different games and dynamics.

It was a very enriching afternoon for everyone, and students showed much enthusiasm during the activities.

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IB Pins for 12th students

During the morning of last Wednesday, the 12th-grade students who will be taking the Diploma exam at the end of the year received the IB Pins in acknowledgement of the effort they will have to make. 

At the end of the assembly, Elena Matetic, former student of Class 2017 and current Law student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica, told Seniors about her experience of having studied the Diploma and the advantages she has had in university thanks to the acquired abilities.

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Piano Concert on Fathers’ Day

Last Saturday, the Suzuki group students, from Kinder to 11th grade, gave a piano recital in tribute of their fathers on Fathers’ Day.   

If you wish to see the photographs of this activity, remember to enter with your username and password

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Master Swim Lessons with the Former World Champion Megan Romano

Last weekend we had a water show in the Swim Clinic that took place in our School led by the North American former World Champion Megan Romano.

Students of different ages and trainers from different schools and clubs in Santiago took part in this activity that was organized by 4UELITE.  Rapid high dives, turns, displacements and dolphin kicks under the water were some of the techniques taught by the swimmer during the clinic.