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Magazine 2017

Attention community!

The digital version of the Magazine 2017 of our school is available. To access it, click on “Magazine SC" on the left hand side of this web page.

Do not forget to enter with your username and password.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Knowing Colonial Santiago

Within the context of the research unit “How we organize ourselves” related to the different aspects of the colonial times and their impact in the history of the country, 5th-grade students visited the Main Square of the city (Plaza de Armas), The National Museum of History, the Municipality of Santiago, and other emblematic buildings that permitted to recreate this part of history.

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IB distinguished our headmistress as one of the pioneer women in implementing the IB programs

We are very proud to inform that our headmistress Miss Lorna Prado Scott was acknowledged by the International Baccalaureate Organization as one of the leader women pioneer in executing these programs. Consequently, the IB Organization for Latin America appointed her as representative. This took place during the annual Conference for the Americas that took place in San Diego at the end of July within the framework of anniversary number 50 of the creation of IB.

Miss Lorna closed the conference as master of ceremony and briefly reflected on the importance of working together as a region to the benefit of the children, because they will have to go on in this world with the responsibility to make it better, more united, more sustainable, fair and pacific. “Together the whole continent needs to unite for a better and more peaceful world through education,” she emphasized.




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Second-Grade Health Fair

As every year, at the end of the Who we are research unit, second-grade students organized the Health Fair, which consists of a laboratory experience where children apply the knowledge they have acquired in order to create a 3D model of a body organ, by using waste and recycled material.

This activity generates much enthusiasm in children, as it permits them to put different competences into practice, such as creativity, artistic abilities and knowledge about anatomy, and lets their imagination wander.

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A Bird Sanctuary at School

One of the main purposes of the Bird Sanctuary –also known as SPA (Santuario Para Aves) - is to join the ecosystem that surrounds us with the Santiago College Community.  The SPA is led by students Martín Campos and Pablo Lopez together with the teacher Pablo Tello and the Middle School Student Council.

Taking advantage of the natural resources we have at school, during 2014 a natural area was restored at the foot of “Cerro del Medio” located behind the Middle School building in order to establish a small natural sanctuary to be preserved.

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5th Graders’ Genius Hour

Last Wednesday, 5th-grade students shared their Genius-Hour projects with their parents and teachers. This is an important activity in the level, as it implies one hour of research work per week –throughout the term- about a subject of their interest, where they must exercise their knowledge, abilities and attitudes in an authentic and innovating way.

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Our School is known by the IB and its Implementation in the Classroom

We are proud to tell you that the International Baccalaureate Organization chose our school to prepare some tutorial videos for the new IB 2018 Language Guide, which is support material about educational IB methodologies for all teachers from different countries of the world.

Within this context, language and literature teachers together with the Art Department of Santiago College –areas where we were acknowledged- will show videos of their classes and instruction methodologies, which will serve as training material for teachers of IB schools in the world.

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Violin Concert on Father’s Day

We invite you to see the photographs of the violin concert given by children from the Suzuki group of the school to celebrate Father’s Day

If you want to see the gallery of pictures, remember to enter with your username and password.