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InterCAS 2018

The National 2018 InterCAS took place on October 24-27 led by the German School from Los Angeles (Chile).  This instance seeks to have the students execute projects based on the lessons learned about service, where they apply the knowledge learned in the classroom in order to have a positive impact on the surroundings. It is also an opportunity to share with students from other schools andcontribute to the community in a real, practical and significant way.

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Pre-Kinder Show: "Room on the Broom"

We invite you to see the gallery of pictures of the final Pre-Kinder show created under the transdisciplinary theme called “How we express ourselves”, where the children prepared a musical representation of the story “Room on the Broom”.

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Amazing, "Beauty and the Beast"!

We invite you to see the pictures of the musical “Beauty and the Beast”.  The audience was amazed at this great show, where the costumes, the music, the stage design, the make-up and our students’ performance showed the immense work involved.

Congratulations to all those who took part in this musical.

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SOON!! 'Beauty and the Beast', the musical.

We are very proud to invite you to the first performance of the musical Beauty and the Beast organized by the Department of Arts of our School.

Don’t miss the show, our students’ performance and the work of an entire team, who, with their dedication, effort and perseverance, was able to put up this wonderful piece after a long preparation of almost two years.

We expect to see you around!!

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Kinder Presentation: "One World, Many Stories"

Kinder students put up a colorful end-of-year presentation as a result of the investigation unit “Tell me a Story”.

The show consisted in staging different stories characteristic from each continent of the world under the concept of “One World, Many Stories”.  The students worked with countries from different places of the world and learned about other cultures and traditions.

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La Fetra Farewell Cup: Our Seniors’ First Farewell

A time of companionship and healthy competition was enjoyed during the last friendly championship of the year at La Fetra Farewell Cup. It was the first official farewell of our seniors, where students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades competed in different sport disciplines against 12th-graders.

We invite you to see the photographic record of the events during that sports day in the SC.

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IB Expo

The IB Expo is the culmination of the art work in the Visual Arts course included in the Diplom Programme, where students had the chance to create their own exhibition and curatorship following the parameters of a formal exhibition as seen in museums or galleries.  Hence, after an approximately two-year-long process, the students presented their works and expressive themes in different art means and forms.

We invite you to see the photographic record of the inauguration of this exhibition.

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The School Days and its history

“The Circus of Life” was the theme that won the Schools Days competition last Friday, represented by the Green House. Congratulations to all those who worked hard in this celebration, as their effort and dedication could be seen in the excellent organization, the originality of the concepts dealt with by each House, the costumes, the talent show and each competition.