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School Days: The Red Alliance triumphed for the second consecutive year

“The Sortoson, society’s crazy people” was the subject that won this competition last Friday.  It was represented by the Red Alliance. We congratulate all who worked in this celebration, as their effort and dedication was appreciated through the excellent organization, the originality of the concepts treated by each Alliance, the costumes, the talent show and each competence.

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The Parade

The whole effort made by the students in these School Days was seen this morning during the much-expected Parade of the alliances.

This activity -which is one of the most important of the School Days- consists of children and teachers of the different school levels parading according to the corresponding theme of each Alliance, with costumes, stage designs, floats and performances, where you can see the great work behind this presentation.

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Happy SC Anniversary!

Competitions, sports, sports fans groups and great enthusiasm was the tonic of the cold mornings during the School Days.  The children participated with much energy and made their best to add points to their alliances.  We expect the same attitude for tomorrow talent show and parade

Let the best win!!

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ABS Social Sciences Encounter

Last Friday five 10th-grade students represented Santiago College in the ABS Social Sciences Encounter that took place in the Wenlock School. 

The purpose of this activity was to attend and listen to several historical investigations in order to appreciate the importance of using an adequate methodology and exercise the ability to exchange ideas in an academic context.  It was a very interesting encounter for our students, who also had the chance to interact with students from other schools members of the Association of British Schools.

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Expo IB 2017

We invite you all to see the works performed by 12th-grade students and exhibited in the EXPO IB that took place last Wednesday September 27 in the Art Space of our school.

The main purpose of this exhibition is to show to the SC community the students’ talents, which are also the result of their school artistic education.

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Cultural Friday → “The Mysteries of the Universe”

We invite all members of the community to take part in the Cultural Friday organized by the Department of Language that will take place tomorrow September 29th at 4 p.m. in the School Library.  On this occasion, the eminent Physicist and Ph.D. in Astronomy Leonardo Vanzi will talk about the “mysteries of the universe.”

You cannot miss it!

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What we did not see in the Open House

The Open House is an activity that is much more than just a show prepared for parents.  It is a research wok executed by the children about a particular subject, where different cognitive aspects are addressed In order to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the issue.

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Chilean Day: A recollection of Chilean history through dances, music and painting

A thorough tour through our country took place on the Chilean Day celebrated today at school, where the different phases of the Chilean history were remembered covering the Conquest, colonial times, Independence, through these days.  All this was done by representing art works from well-known Latin American authors, who painted key moments of each period.