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"27 Tons of Love” to Help Teletón

In order to encourage a recycling culture, our school joined the campaign led by the CCU consisting of collecting 27 tons of PET plastic bottles so that the company makes an additional monetary contribution to Teletón.

We request all our community to collaborate with this cause by sending bottles from home. The bottles then must be rinsed and squeezed and delivered to the Reception office of each school. The deadline is Thursday November 30.

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Open classes in the After School Program

Attention parents and guardians!  The open classes of the After School Program will begin tomorrow Thursday November 16th for those parents who wish to see their children in the last extracurricular class of the year.  If you wish to know the dates and times of each activity, enter the following link.

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Green Awareness Day

This Wednesday November 15, the Middle School will celebrate the Green Awareness Day in order to incentivize caring for nature and generate awareness of its importance for life in our planet.

The purpose of this event is to raise funds to build a bird sanctuary in the school. For this reason 6th, 7th and 8th grade students can come to school dressed in Green color and collaborate with a voluntary contribution of 1,000 pesos.

We invite the entire Middle School to join this initiative!

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Middle School students reached 2nd place in the Chess Tournament

Much skill for chess showed the Middle School students in The Charles T. Darling Craighouse School Chess Tournament last Saturday November 11.  Our school came second!

We congratulate the students who took part in this tournament for their great teamwork and, especially, Tomás Osorio, who was acknowledged as Best Board in his position, after winning the five games played.

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The Lower School Flea Market was attended by a great crowd

The Flea Market organized by the Lower School to collaborate with Teletón was a real success. The students were very motivated and advertised the exhibited articles that ranged from toys, clothes, books, costumes and much more, all of it donated by them.

We thank the organizers of this activity and all those who participated and purchased the products.

We hope that many funds have been collected!

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The Night of Broken Glass

9th-grade Jewish religion students attended the ceremony of commemoration of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, at the Hebrew Institute, remembering a number of attacks against Jewish citizens occurred during the Nazi Germany in the night of November 9, 1938.

The ceremony was attended by students from different schools, the ambassadors from Germany, Greece, Austria and Israel and other authorities, who could listen to the moving story of a witness and a victim of that tragic night.

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ABS Technology Encounter in our School

Creating community amongst ABS schools, developing communication and technology abilities in students and encouraging teamwork were the objectives of the Technology Encounter held yesterday in our school. 

During this event, the students worked to create a hydraulic scissor mechanism. Along the process they could practice Design Thinking strategies and learn about the benefits of this branch of Physics, a very interesting and entertaining experience for all participants.

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Chicken, Welcome to Life!

A wonderful inquiry experience about the cycle of life of chicken was lived by Pre-kinder students. During some weeks they observed the process whereby chicken are formed over several days of incubation, and predicted the changes that would take place in the eggs, and their consequences. They made very precise observations of color, size and form of the eggs as well as temperature and humidity in the incubator.