Strategic Plan
Santiago College
2023 - 2025




The pro-learning culture is a set of learned and transgenerational ideas, norms and beliefs whose purpose is the continuous formation and permanent knowledge of people.

These thoughts, philosophies and customs are developed in a very binding way to the personal life of each student, who is immersed in a certain environment and elementary rules of coexistence.
For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen values and innovation skills, which in themselves tend to collaborative action (grouping). Educating in values means extending the scope of education not only to subjects or lists of topics, but also to forming responsible and global citizens (IB Definition).

This project expects our students to "learn to learn" as a philosophy of life that motivates them permanently to be always in their learning process.


Identify the elements of organizational culture and values in the SC community, defining which of these characteristics are pro-learning and which may not be.

Analyze and evaluate behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, learning experiences, innovation and alignment among the different stakeholders.

Create a Map showing the challenges for different audiences, identifying the behaviors and beliefs that benefit Lifelong Learning skills within the School.

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