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Cindy Wen: Successful beginning in the textile industry

For a good reason our former student Cindy Wen received the Creativity Award during Commencement 2017. Her great passion for fashion and her unlimited imagination have taken her to be a reference in the world of clothes in social networks through her brand Radélica, which works the concept of recycled clothes transforming units obtained from Bandera Street. Wen’s intention is to be a part of the new sustainable tendency within the textile industry, which is considered as one of the most contaminant. 

If you want to know more about the beginnings in the fashion business of our former student and the next steps she’ll follow with Radélica, you can refer to the interview published by the magazine Mujer from Diario La Tercera last Sunday.


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Visit to the National Congress

Fourth-graders enjoyed an entertaining pedagogical outing last week when they visited the National Congress. This took place within the framework of the research unit “From, to and for the people.”  The students visited one of the three State powers in order to learn about democracy, citizen rights and how they provide us with responsible and active participation in society, among other subjects.

It was a very interesting activity for students, who were encouraged to analyze and reflect about the news in our country and the way our government is organized and operates.


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Register in the SWIM CLINIC with the former world champion Megan Romano!

Master lessons with the US swimmer Megan Romano, six times world champion in freestyle and backstroke, will take place in Santiago College during June. The activity is organized by 4UELITE that offers specialized swim clinics, focusing in techniques adopted by professional elite swimmers.

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Easter rabbit left the school loaded with SC Easter eggs

Thanks to our students’ and parents’ commitment, the Easter-egg campaign was very successful and amply exceeded last year’s collection.

The total collected units will be distributed to the 10 camps aided by Fundación Desafío Chile; to some kindergartens in Lo Barnechea, Huechuraba and Ñuñoa, as well as to different underage communities supported by father Samuel Arancibia, former SC student.

Once again, we thank all our families who collaborated in this initiative, the goal of which is to give joy to so many vulnerable children.

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Easter and Pesach: An instance to reflect about the role of each individual in society

During the morning of last Tuesday, our school celebrated Easter and Pesach. These festivities commemorate very important times of Christianity and Judaism, the two dogmas on which Santiago College values rely.

Even though both religions celebrate different things -- the “pass to liberty” by the Hebrew people and the “pass to Life” of the Christian world--, this celebration represents respect for diversity and other people’s beliefs.

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Tie Ceremony: the Emblem of SC Privileges

The school year started and 12-graders attended the first of the eighth traditions celebrated for seniors in their last year as Santiago College students that will be imprinted in their memories of their school days.

The Tie Ceremony is a very old tradition in the school, where twelfth-grade students receive a tie that will make them stand out among the other Santiago College students.

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Supplementing Classroom Contents in the National Library

The students of Contemporary History -Level 12- visited one of the first republican institutions in Chile-the National Library-, located in downtown Santiago.

One of the purposes of this activity was focused in learning to use sources efficiently and developing fundamental history-related abilities. Additionally, students could learn about the history of this National Heritage Building, which is one of the main centers of collection and preservation of the bibliographic history of our country.

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Class-2017 Students received their IB Certificates and Diplomas

The students of class 2017 required great sacrifice and many hours of study to obtain the IB Certificates and Diplomas that were granted to them at the ceremony held last Wednesday in the school.  These titles confer upon them an important worldwide academic acknowledgement and open doors for them to access prestigious international universities. However, all the hard work was worth it when they saw the high average score reached by this generation (30 points) against the world average (29 points).