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The Best of 2017

To finalize 2017, we leave a summary of the best of this year and wish you happy and recovering summer holidays.

We'll see you in March!

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7th-Grade students taught English at Colegio Fronterizo de San José de Maipo

Continuing with the community project started last year, when they were in sixth year, seventh-grade students taught English to a group of young students in the Frontier School of San José de Maipo. Through games, audiovisual material and different educational dynamics, the SC students prepared their pupils in English, a language that many of them use to work as a tour guide during the summer.

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Infant and Lower School Prize-Giving Ceremonies

We invite you to see the pictures of the prize-giving ceremonies of our Infant and Lower School students, who were distinguished for representing different values instilled by our school, such as care for others, perseverance, respect, friendship. 

We congratulate all our children for the effort made and for having completed a new year in their school phase.

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8th Grade Graduation

Yesterday, our eighth grade students ended their basic education phase in our school and passed to a new school cycle where they will have to face new educational challenges, including the election of a professional career.

We invite you to see the pictures of this ceremony.

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A Christmas afternoon with the children of the Kindergarten Las Pequitas in Recoleta

Lower School students spent a different and special afternoon at the kindergarten Las Pequitas in the municipality of Recoleta.

Last week they went to deliver the toys collected during the Christmas Presents campaign for the children of Las Pequitas, which characterizes by teaching history and traditions of different cultures, such as the Mapuche. The children at Las Pequitas learned about music, art craft, language and customs of the Mapuche people, and as a symbol, they have a Mapuche hut in their facilities.

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Commencement: the start of your own adventure after the SC legacy

A mixture of feelings was felt in the air during the Commencement ceremony that took place last Saturday December 2 at the school. Joy for the new coming phase; emotion of being with all the classmates of the generation for the last time and of receiving finally the so desired graduation diploma from the Santiago College; nostalgia for all the moments lived at school and sadness for finishing a great phase of life and starting a new beginning, each one on a different path.

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Breakfast: A tradition dating from boarding school times

As it was usual when Santiago College was a boarding school, during the morning of Commencement, the pupils had breakfast together with their teachers for the last time, in a way of saying goodbye to the school that was also their home during an important phase of their life.

This tradition remains until today and is a very significant moment for seniors, who meet with their classmates and home-room teachers in a relaxed and friendly environment, where they said some farewell words to their class: A good form of beginning the day and preparing for the evening to receive the official farewell as SC students.