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Student Council 2019

Let us introduce the new members of the two Student Councils of the Santiago College for 2019. They will be in charge of representing and being the spokespersons of all of our School’s students, as well as organizing different cultural, sports or entertainment activities that will benefit their own schoolmates. Among them, the most important one, and part of our community traditions: The School Days.

We wish you all the luck in your important role!


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Distinguished Visit of the Lo Barnechea Mayor

It was a great honor for our School to have the Lo Barnechea mayor, Felipe Guevara, visit us last Monday, to talk to the 10th grade students about the main needs of the commune and its neighbors, all these in relation with the contest developed by Microsoft, Imagine Lab and Lo Barnechea Emprende, where six schools of the area are participating. The contest consists of problem identification by the students, its analysis and a solution proposal by using the Design Thinking skills.

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Easter and Passover Celebration

“Let love be your motor” was the slogan to celebrate Easter and Passover, two important Judeo-Christian festivities that invite us to go out and look for others encouraged by the love to the neighbor, just as Jesus and Moses did.

Passover celebrates the Exodus of Israelites from Egypt. The moment when the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were liberated from enslavement and became a new nation, led by Yahweh through Moses.

Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. It is the most important celebration for all Christians, because all religions derived from Christianity make sense through Resurrection. Jesus is the perfect example for love through his actions, words and teachings.

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International Book Day

Our School celebrated the International Book Day (April 23rd), which commemorates the death of the biggest writers of all times: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. However, other world known authors were born or died on this same date, such as Maurice Druon, Haldor K.Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla, Manuel Mejía Vallejo and William Wordsworth.

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Pin Ceremony

The 5th grade students had this traditional School ceremony where the presidents and vice-presidents of each class receive the pin that identifies them as the oldest ones of Lower School and commits them to be role models for younger students.

What is the meaning of this pin?

Those pins are divided in four colors: blue, red, green and yellow, and each one of them represents the different School “houses”, which are personified by remarkable leaders of the Santiago College history: Blue House, Bishop William Taylor; Red House, Ira La Fetra; Yellow House, Miss Mary Swaney and Green House, Miss Elizabeth Mason.


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