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Making the Distance Shorter in Community

Dear Santiago College Community:

As we enter the third week since Santiago College has been closed, and anticipating a more complex time is coming with the official start of the quarantine, we would like to open a space to share with you questions, reflections and ideas on how to continue facing this period in the best possible way. To this end, we will be sharing messages and activities in the following weeks. Here is our first "Spotlight",  which aims to reinforce relevant information in relation to Covid 19 and evaluate within the family how these two weeks have worked to modify what is necessary to have better relationships and wellbeing.

The psychologists and Learning Specialists from our Guidance Department have and will continue to be available to support this “Online Learning” period, therefore their emails are shared below for the respective levels.

Our invitation, today more than ever, is to think and live this period as a community, where we will meet in a virtual way.


Best regards,

Guidance Department



Learning Specialist Pre-Kinder and Kinder    Jacqueline Orchard (
Psychologist Pre-Kinder y Kinder    Carolina Carranza (
Learning Specialist 1st and 2nd grade    Nicole Piffre (
Psychologist 1st and 2nd grade Francesca Cayazzo (
Psychologist 3rd and 4th grade    Paula Abogabir (
Learning Specialist 3rd and 4th grade        Consuelo Sierra (
Psychologist 5th and 6th grade        Francisca Danker (
Psychologist 7th anD 8th grade    Josefa Cea (
Learning Specialist 6th, 7th and 8th grade    Marcela Utjes (
Learning Specialist 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th    Cecilia Udaquiola (
Psychologist 9th and 10th     Soledad Campos (
Psychologist 11th and 12th Leonor Peñafiel (
University Counselor    Mary Carmen Atala (
Head of Guidance Department    Mónica Guesalaga (

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Coronavirus Information

Dear Parents and Guardians
It is my pleasure to greet you again.

As I have stated in my previous messages, we are committed to keeping the whole Santiago College Community informed in an honest and transparent manner whenever we receive relevant information. It is also very important to remind you that, in order to take care of everyone in our Community, we depend on this relationship as active members, where we count on each of you contacting us and letting us know whenever a member of your family has tested positive to coronavirus.

Today, I must let you know that we have been informed of the first case of one of our School’s parents who has been diagnosed with coronavirus. He is the father of two of our students who are in 9th and 11th grade. Both students were in direct contact with their father who had just arrived from a trip abroad during the weekend of March 13th to 15th and then immediately started the quarantine instructed by the School. We will inform the families of the classes that these students belong to.

We would like to reiterate how important it is that our students, and the adults that can do it, stay at home and follow the health protocols that have been suggested by the health authorities. It is a concrete way of taking care of ourselves and also collaborating with the health system of our country.


Kindest regards

Lorna Prado Scott
Santiago College.

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Coronavirus Information 2

Dear Parents and Guardians

I have been informed by a new family from our school that their son, who is enrolled in Playgroup but who never attended this year 2020, yesterday tested positive for the coronavirus.
This child has a sister in first grade who did attend school until Monday, March 9 and then did not return. The first grade to which this student belongs will be informed in another email.
Our Playgroup student is recovering without problems and the rest of the family today has no symptoms.

Every time I am informed of cases related to our Community, I will be letting you know, as I have done previously.
Let us be obedient to the instructions of the health authorities and this way we will be taking care of our beloved ones and our country.


Lorna Prado Scott
Santiago College.

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Vaccination Plan


Dear Parents and Guardians

It is my pleasure to greet you again.

I hope your children are working at home with the different tasks and platforms we sent you yesterday.

I would like to emphasize again the importance of keeping in touch and being very transparent with all the information we share with you.To this day, the School has no knowledge of any student or close relative infected with the COVID 19 virus. I strongly ask you that if during these days any of your children, parents, grandparents or anyone who lives with you is tested positive in the test of this virus, please let us know as soon as possible. It is our duty to inform each case at an official level and to our families, since traceability may make a difference and it can also protect our Community in a better way.

I ask you to please be responsible both with our relatives and those around us during these times, hoping the situation will not become more serious.

Regarding the vaccination plan, I would like to inform you the following:

Free Ministerial Mandatory Vaccines:

  • Levels: Playgroup to 5th grade
  • Date: Tuesday, April 14th
  • Regular lessons mode: students are vaccinated at times defined by the School
  • Suspended lessons mode: families will be called in alphabetical order

Requested paid vaccines:

  • Levels: 6th to 12th grade
  • Date: Wednesday, April 15th
  • Regular lessons mode: students are vaccinated at times defined by the School
  • Suspended lessons mode: families will be called in alphabetical order


As always, I send you all our love at this difficult time for our country and the planet.

Lorna Prado Scott
Santiago College.


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