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Class suspension Monday October 21st

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Given the incidents that have been taking place in our country in the last hours, and particularly in Santiago, where means of transportation were seriously affected, we have decided to suspend all school activities tomorrow, Monday, October 21st.

Commuting difficulties will affect our janitors, administrative and teaching staff who live in other areas, and ensuring the safety of every member of our Community is also our responsibility.

We take this opportunity to let you know that our school did not have any damage during yesterday’s events. We hope this measure allows you to comfort your children at home and provide them with the assurance they need during the difficult times our country is facing. We will keep you informed of what will happen at school as we receive more information.



Lorna Prado Scott
Santiago College.

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School Days

Happy 139 years to our school! Congratulations to the Red House and all who participated in this anniversary!

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Lyric Recital

On September 27 was the lyric recital of our students. That night will be engraved in their hearts and their teachers for a long time.

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The IB Expo is the culmination of the art work in the Visual Arts course included in the Diplom Programme, where students had the chance to create their own exhibition and curatorship following the parameters of a formal exhibition as seen in museums or galleries.

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Chilean day

Time to celebrate, rejoice and share. We invite you to see the photos of the different activities in the celebration of the Chile’s independence organized in the school, where our national dance "Cueca" was the guest of honor.