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School Board Letter

Dear Parents,


We extend our best regards and take this opportunity to thank you for your support, as well as for your constructive comments, sent to us through the Head of School. We would like to reiterate our interest in keeping a permanent communication channel with you, due to the dynamic and challenging daily life in face of the current pandemic for Coronavirus Disease. We also send our warmest greetings to the families who have been ill or have suffered the loss of a loved one.

According to the policies adopted by the School Board, as we pointed out in our letters dated April 24th and May 27th, we want to confirm that we will keep the reduction of 10% of the school fee of all our students from Pre-kinder to 12th grade for July, and as we previously informed, the extension and permanence of this measure will be assessed on a monthly basis. For Playgroup, we will keep the reduction of 30% of the school fee during this non-presential period. Likewise, those families who paid for the whole year or semester, will be credited this reduction in the student’s account for future expenses (lunch, activities, etc.) or may request the refund at before July 10th, 2020.

As an Educational Foundation, we have established the basis to ensure institutionality during these times of commotion and comply with our great mission: your sons and daughters. Just as the reduction of the school fee was possible thanks to a collaborative agreement with the whole School staff and their Unions, we would like to inform you that we have taken on a joint work with the Parents’ Association and Alumni Association to channel the goodwill of all parties in support aid actions towards those in need inside the Santiago College community, without ceasing, on the other hand, to collaborate with the country, understanding that the community also includes our society.

Therefore, we would like to remark the social work carried out by our students in the recollection campaigns for different charity institutions, such as Techo (technological devices recollection) and the food boxes and hygiene items recollection for Pedro Aguirre Cerda. Likewise, we would like to highlight the work of our teachers who have generously shared their tutorial videos in spanish with the Ministry of Education. Also, we would like to draw special attention to the contribution among the school staff themselves to aid those who are going through a hard time, as well as inform you of the use of the building infrastructure by alumni who are collecting food for families in need.

Along the same lines, the Headmistress is coordinating the joint work with the Parents’ Association and Alumni Association for the funding of all the students whose parents have fallen into or remain in a critical economic situation. Thus, we invite those parents who would like to contribute with their 10% reduction in the school fee in order to continue with the Solidarity Fund and parents who require that support, to contact us through our Administration and Finance Manager, Mr. Pablo Lobos, at We are aware that many efforts have been channeled through different initiatives and we will be able to move on.

In the academic area, we keep searching for and monitoring the best ways to reach out to each one of your sons and daughters, since they address us in their particularities to continue managing the use of technological models of remote teaching. In this matter, we would like to mention our first TOK 2020 online seminar, the use of new online resources, such as podcasts linked to Spotify, the implementation of the Seesaw platform for Pre-kinder to 2nd grade and the design of technological projects for 10th grade. Along the same lines, we exchanged experiences with chilean and foreign schools and we are certain that there is not just one formula to solve all the cases in the same way. However, we also confirmed the importance of the collaboration among parents in this distance learning process.

We are going through a period of high emotional strain, since we are living a process of change of paradigm and uncertainty that is also affecting our sons and daughters, especially the younger ones, who require more attention and contention. All the concepts, resources and education contents will not suffice at this stage, because they also need more closeness and bonds that help them develop their self confidence to channel their nature and be able to shine, whatever their particular identity as a person may be. It is precisely at this stage and during this absence that we need to keep that collaborative work with you. Therefore, we invite you not to hesitate to inquire about your concerns, since grades are not what matter now, but the integrity of each one of your sons and daughters under these circumstances. They are our mission.

To all our parents, we reiterate a message of strength and hope. We are open to listen to your concerns, with the commitment to keep you informed and always taking the necessary measures to continue developing the sense of Community and Excellence which motivates us day after day.


Kindest regards,

firma jaime vela rodrigo

Jaime Vela Rodrigo
Chairman of the School Board
Santiago College


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