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User Rating: 0 / 5

Message from the Chairman of the School Board / September

Dear Parents,


During this first semester of 2020, the academic community of Santiago College has made their best effort so your sons and daughters keep developing knowledge, values and conducts that allow them to get on well in a changing world, even at long distance. According to each level, we have designed a curriculum that compensates the school work assignment with incentives to develop a reflexive and appreciative spirit.

The long-awaited September break, much needed by all of us to rest and recover our strength, is approaching. This pause will help us recover energy, enjoy family time, along with keeping a conscience that is open to dialog, and learning as an essential element for our own personal and emotional wellbeing.

As well as practically all the schools in our country we will keep our distance learning during September and continue with the 10% reduction in the school fee from Prekinder to 12th grade, and 30% for Playgroup.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the “Packs4P.A.C.” campaign aimed at the schools in the Pedro Aguirre Cerda area. To this date, as a community, we have distributed 400 food and hygiene product boxes in the Poetas de Chile and Liceo Eugenio Pereira Salas schools, and during September we will continue with Liceo Enrique Backausse. Therefore, we would like to thank all our students, staff, Parents’ Association, Social Service and Alumni Association, inviting them to keep contributing and collaborating, with their eyes set on one day transiting from solidary help to an acknowledgement among people who build a society where we all grow and dialog.

Considering that certain areas have entered a Phase 3, and with this, the desire to resume face-to- face lessons increases, it is necessary to remind you that, as our Headmistress, Miss Lorna Prado Scott, explained in her video, our area, and therefore, our School, remains having on-line lessons and in Phase 2 of transition in the Step by Step Government Plan. However, anticipating a scenario of face-to-face lessons, we are still planning all the safety, health and hygiene measures to be prepared in care of the possibility of returning before the end of the year. We will keep you duly informed about the next steps.

Finally, we reaffirm our message of optimism and hope, trusting that the effort of our students and teachers keeps the bond alive to comply with our mission: your sons and daughters. Get some rest and enjoy your families and friends during this break, and we wish all our community happy national festivities. 

firma jaime vela rodrigo
Jaime Vela Rodrigo

Chairman of the School Board
Santiago College


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Message from the Chairman of the School Board / July, 2020

Dear Parents,

After a week of “educational pause”, our students got back to school, coinciding with the latest information provided by the Chilean Government for an easing of the lockdown and gradual lifting of the quarantine in five “step by step” stages. Beyond a longed for return to an experiential contact, we hope this break allowed you to give way to recreation and reflection spaces for your children and yourselves in your duties as parents, knowing that the lockdown has affected all of us, by not having clear limits between personal, study and work life, blurring the boundaries and increasing the uncertainty levels.