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Magazine 2018

Dear community,

The digital version of our School’s 2018 Magazine of is now available. To access, click “Magazine SC" to the left of this web page.

Do not forget to enter with your username and password.

We hope you enjoy it!

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4th of July

A cheerful 4th of July was celebrated in SC to commemorate the independence of the United States, country of origin of our Santiago College founding fathers who, by creating our School, set the basis of their culture, which remain unchanged until today.

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SC students made it to a Technovation Challege semi-final with app about recycling

With joy, we want to share with you this news that make all the Santiago College community proud: our students, Maeva Normand and Sofía Massiff, of 7th C, were selected for the semi-final –among the 100 best world teams- of the TechnovationChallege championship with their RTE app, thus being the first time that a local team reaches such advanced stage since Chile participates in this competition.

TechnovationChallenge is a program organized by the non-profit foundation Iridiscent, which invites girls between 10 and 18 years old from all over the world to develop mobile applications that contribute to solve problems in local and regional communities, in order to reduce the gap between women and technology.

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Recycling Campaign: RRRR

Progress also causes negative effects on countries and human life; therefore, in 2015 the United Nations Organization (UNO) passed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an opportunity for governments and societies to develop actions and policies to improve everyone’s lives, in order to have a better planet in the near future. This agenda has 17 objectives, including poverty elimination, quality education, gender equality, climate change fight, among many others.

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Harvest: Zero Hunger

Although during the last two decades the number of undernourished people in the world dropped to almost half, hunger continues to be one of the main obstacles for development in many countries.   

In this context, the United Nations Organization resolved to finish with all kinds of hunger and undernourishment by 2030 through the “Zero Hunger” campaign, which aims to make changes in everyday life (home, work, community) making sustainable decisions on food, supporting correct nutrition and fighting food waste.


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